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Presentation of the pressing and casting production oil "Cylinder-52"


  Presentation of the pressing and casting production oil "Cylinder-52"
"golden label" Technical Specifications 0253-001-55248253-03. Patent for the invention.

I offer you to get acquainted with the characteristics of the vapor-oil used for casting into a crystallizing tank and aluminum alloys, titanium and steel hot pressing, metal heat treating (tempering and drawing), bearing, chain and gear lubrication in "hot" workshops. The oil prevents products from adhering to casting and pressing forms, protects pressing surface from microcracks, and forcer and mould from runout. Operation temperatures are 150-1200°C. At the temperature above 700°C customers add 15% of black-lead GS-4 to the oil. Industrial production was started in January 2003.

Quality is under control of the Main Laboratory of OJSC "Moscow Petroleum Oil Plant".

Operational characteristics of the oil "Cylinder-52" "golden label" excel characteristics of such analogues as "Texaco-Vanguard", "Esso-Schmieroel", "Shell Valvata-1000" in:
- viscosity-temperature qualities
- oil consumption for evaporation 7 times less
- carbon deposition 1,5 times less
- coking qualities 2,5 times less
- antiwear qualities 2,5-4 times more and antiscuff qualities 2,3 times more
- adhesion 2,7 times more (The oil does not flow down work surface)
- thermal-oxidative stability 1,95 times more
Flash point is 306-312°C, fire point is 330°C, self-ignition point is 500°C, viscosity V100 61-70. Quality certificate is enclosed.

The oil "Cylinder-52" "golden label" TS 0253-001-55248253-03 is used for lubrication of non-ferrous metals, cast iron and steel casting and pressing forms by the largest non-ferrous metallurgy and mechanical engineering plants, for bearing and steam cylinder lubrication by pulp and paper plants.

The oil "Cylinder-52" "golden label" is ecologically clean, gives off only 1,3% of vapour at the temperature 300°C in 30 minutes. That is why it has found an application in panification and confectionery machines lubrication (bearings, chains and gears) instead of the expensive lubricant of the company "Kluber".

The oil "Cylinder-52" "golden label" is used under so severe temperature conditions that other vapor-oils do not stand: they form bad deposit and evaporate vastly forming soot and burn-off loss of oil spray at temperatures above 240°C. Yet at low temperatures 150-200°C with blowing (in drying workshops for chain and bearing lubrication) customers prefer the oil "Cylinder-52" "golden label" which does not oxidize at this temperature, works longer and more efficiently. The oil "Cylinder-52" "golden label" dissolves old deposits of other vapor-oils.

Another oil "Cylinder-38" is used for steel tempering and drawing; as a heat-transfer agent in heating systems of muffle furnaces, mixing reactors and drying workshops in wood processing.

I would like to suggest your using of the "Cylinder-52" "golden label" in your production. It will result in quality growth of your product and workshop ecology, and saving of funds for purchase.

Yours faithfully,
Managing Director Vysotskiy Sergey V. Tel. +7 495-737-32-82


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